About us



Mumbo Jumbo Fresh Beer is us: Cosmo and Davide.


After years working for different breweries we met in the Basque Country and decided to start our own project to make the kind of beers we want to drink. We’re currently nomad brewing at other breweries, but the plan is to open our own tank bar-style brewpub in Bilbao very soon.


Stay tuned, stay fresh!


Davide M. Simonetti

CEO and Creative Director

Born in Imperia, Italy. Lived in Imperia, Milan, London, Chile, the Basque Country.
Certified Cicerone and GC in Craft Brewing IBD
General Manager Brewdog 2013 - 2016
Brewer Spoh 2016
Brewer Basqueland 2017-2021
Favourite beer size: Pint
Top three hops: Citra, Saaz, Nelson Sauvin

Cosmo Sutherland

Head Brewer, Social Media Manager

Born in Edinburgh. Grew up in Scotland, London, Hong Kong and France.
MSc in Brewing and Distilling, 2014
Lead Brewer Beavertown 2014 - 2019
Lead Brewer Basqueland 2019 - 2022
Favourite Malt: Simpsons Double Roasted Crystal
Favourite beer glass: Willi Becher


Like many breweries, we don’t have a core range of constantly available beers. Not because we’re against the idea, but because we want to ensure our beer is always consumed fresh, and core ranges can mean full warehouses of six different beers getting old as the brewery constantly tries to keep each one in stock.


Instead, we offer a series of styles. Each one is an individual beer, a one-off batch, but with similar qualities of others in the same series. If you enjoyed one of our Session IPAs, you will most likely enjoy the next offering. It may not have exactly the same recipe as a previous batch, but it’s guaranteed to be fresh, and will have similar qualities, made with the best ingredients that are available to us at the time. Each can is colour coded, so you can tell immediately which style it belongs to.


This also allows us to try little tweaks and tests: a more citrusy hop character in one batch, or a fuller body in the next. Perhaps one day we’ll find we’ve made the best beer in that style, and we’ll never change the recipe again. Until then, however, we’ll keep on experimenting.


Mumbo Jumbo